Radical Shifts Online Summit
Change your thoughts, change your mind …
7 powerful days
21 thought leaders and changemakers
August 25th to 31st, 2019
Master how to achieve lasting positive transformation, abundance and empower your life
Change is an extremely important dynamic in the success of any life and business. Change is what drives innovation and fuels curiosity of what could happen.

Change is what you should focus on and understand. Human development is consistent with change.

Change is inevitable … change brings opportunity.

If you are not happy with where you are today and the repeating patterns that represent in your life over and over again … then a radical shift is what’s required to help you make changes and live your life more on purpose.

Keynote presenters and experts from all over the world will share their insights, knowledge, the lessons learned, their struggles and success. They will share their secret formulas, routines, recipes and ways to be aligned and work with your body, mind and soul.
What is this summit about?
Our 8-day online summit series offers real insight into human behaviour and brain science, quantum physics and metaphysics, exploring the intricate connections between thoughts and feelings, to the way we behave and the decisions we make.

It will challenge your preconceptions and encourage you to get to know yourself better, as well as showing you how to be happier, more successful and less stressed.

The content is rich, inspirational, thought-provoking, extraordinary, life changing and cutting edge. We will share recent discoveries from the world of neuroscience, cognitive psychology, evolutionary biology, genetics, medicine, philosophy and the list goes on…
With the help of our experts, you will ...
Begin to understand the complex connections between your mindset and your behaviour.
Start to comprehend ‘why’ you do the things you do, and what genetic conditioning, or environmental factors influence your habits.
Be able to identify the unconscious patterns that drive human behaviour.
Identify the biases that shape your choices and the triggers that direct the course of your relationships.
Learn how to hack your own biology to completely reprogram or ‘rewire’ your circuits and change your thinking.
Discover practical tips and tools to apply at work, at home and throughout your life, so that you can begin to be your very best self.
Meet the Experts
International speakers and experts share their secret formulas, routines, recipes and ways to achieve lasting positive transformation.
Anita Moorjani
Miraculous Cancer Recovery
After a 4-year battle with cancer, Anita fell into a coma and was given days to live. As her doctors gathered to revive her, she journeyed into a near death experience (NDE) where she was given the choice to return to her physical form or to continue into this new realm.
Dianne Porchia
Practitioner in HEAL Documentary
Dianne Porchia, MA, DMBM featured in HEAL Documentary along with Deepak Chopra and other experts in health and wellness for her inspiring work with advance stage cancer.
Heather Prete
Master in Mindfulness
Heather is a LA based Mindfulness Facilitator works with a diverse range of clientele including those in recovery, people coping with depression and anxiety, cancer survivors, men and women battling chronic health and pain issues, those suffering from PTSD.
Rebecca Campbell
Soul and Lightworker
Rebecca experienced her first awakening as a young teenager and has been studying the intuitive mystic arts ever since. Through her work, Rebecca guides us to connect to the Inner Temple within and to turn our soul’s whispers into grounded action.
Anne Berube
Seeker of Wisdom
At the age of 23, Anne Berube’s life was interrupted by a near-fatal car accident and a mystical experience. Trapped in the car, unable to breathe, she had a vision that forever realigned her life’s trajectory. 
Dr. Debi Silber
Holistic Mindset Psychologist
Her recent PhD study on how women experience betrayal made 3 groundbreaking discoveries that changes how long it takes to heal. In addition to being on FOX, CBS, The Dr. Oz Show, TEDx and more.
Dr. Erin Fall Haskell
Doctor of Divinity
Her mission is to awaken a billion people globally to their divinity while teaching them how to reprogram their subconscious, align with their personal truth and universal laws, and create a daily spiritual practice.
Amanda Campbell
Healer with Multiple Sclerosis
Achieving an integrated approach, she believes when given the right environment the mind and body can be capable of producing incredible results.
Sunny Joy McMillan
Attorney and Radio Host
Sunny Joy McMillan, JD, is a recovering attorney and practicing master life coach who is passionate about helping women who are unhappy in their marriage gain clarity about what they want to do and generate the courage to do it. 
Christine Hassler
Spiritual Psychologist
Christine Hassler is the best-selling author of three books. Christine believes once we get out of our own way, we can show up to make the meaningful impact we are here to make.
Abby Wynne
Shamanic Psychotherapist Healer
Abby's powerful core teachings work towards empowering you to do your inner work with strength and courage, whilst creating a structure and foundation to guide you.
Riana Milne
Relationship and Life Coach
She takes an active Coaching role with her clients as they explore together the many avenues to their optimum emotional and over-all health and wellness, both individually and in relationships.
Terri Cole
Relationship Psychotherapist
Terri's strategies combine practical psychology, eastern mindfulness practices plus harnessing the power of intention to create sustainable positive behavioural change i.e. true transformation.
Ione Butler
British Born Actress
She was tired of the Hollywood hustle and instead put her focus and attention on her own projects. In March 2016 she launched Uplifting Content (formerly Unified Soul Theory) an inspirational digital platform with a following of 1.3M+ across social media channels.
Amy E. Smith
Masterful Communication Expert
Amy uses her roles as coach, writer, podcaster, and speaker to move individuals beyond limiting beliefs and sabotaging mindsets to a place of radical personal empowerment and self-love. 
Karen Noe
Psychic Medium
Karen Noé is a renowned psychic medium, spiritual counsellor, and healer with a two-year waiting list. Since bestselling author, Dr. Wayne Dyer left the physical plane in 2015, Karen has been receiving profound messages from him for his family and for the world as well.
Orly Wahba
Entrepreneur and Communication Activist
Orly is well known for incorporating and integrating ideas of kindness, love and respect in the hearts and minds of her students both in and out of the classroom setting. She is often quoted as saying, “Kindness, don’t just do it…LIVE IT!”
Ricci-Jane Adams
Spiritual Activist and Intuition Expert
The spiritual geek has a doctorate from the University of Melbourne in magical realism. She has studied all the major religions, sat at the feet of gurus, read the sacred texts, explored the metaphysical philosophies, practised every kind of soul-shaking and much more.
Molly Mahar
Entrepreneur and Joy Adventurer
After surviving her own quarterlife crisis by quitting her dream job and embarking on a yearlong trip around the world, Molly has spent the last 9 years empowering other women to discover and LIVE their own version of success.  
Marisa Russo
Award Winning Alternative Therapist
Her journey began over 30 years ago while searching for ways to heal herself from unbearable, physical pain. During Marisa’s transformation, she discovered an ability to read people’s energy fields as if she were reading words on a page.
Mel Wells
Health and Eating Psychologist Coach
Mel dedicates her time to helping women worldwide ditch the dieting for good, make peace with food and love their healthy bodies. Mel empowers women to stop dieting for good, and challenge their entire belief system around food and their bodies.
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Biohack your programming and rewire the way you think
When you are going through change, your mind expands in ways that you haven’t experienced before and it really brings light to your limitations. It opens up the possibilities of learning new ways of working. It makes you more flexible and adaptable because everything is just one big adventure!

You learn ways to embrace chaos that seem foreign and you become more adaptable, more flexible with what is going on. And when you do, you are opening your mindset to new experiences and will;
  • ​Discover how your beliefs affect your ability to build wealth
  • ​Get practical tools that you can implement now for greater success
  • ​Interpret the signs and patterns in your life to guide you on your transformation
  • ​Make a quantum leap in consciousness to open greater opportunities
  • ​Identify the blocks that are keeping you back
  • ​Take control of your destiny by healing your past
  • ​Create a clear vision for your life of meaning
  • ​Become a powerful change agent through self-growth
  • ​Connect with transformational leaders and other sharing your path
Meet Your Host 
Catherine Plano
Catherine is known in her community as an innovative leader and creative entrepreneur who specialises in helping people achieve their goals and dreams. She is passionate about assisting others to reach their highest ambitions and live a life that is fulfilling and rich.
Catherine is an International Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach, Leadership Development Professional, Queen of Transformation, a Creative Soul Adventurer, a Theorist and Provocateur of Change, and… an Agent of Philosophy. Catherine Plano has dedicated her entire life to helping others transform their own lives into greatness. With more than two decades of working with renowned companies and touching 100,000 lives through spiritual and mental reinvention.

A mover and shaker by heart and a source for people to come to and take them through a transformation, a breakthrough, a life altering experience… moving them from ordinary to extraordinary, from impossible to possible, from unable to able, to have the freedom, happiness and wholeness that they deserve.
What to expect in this 7-day online summit?
For 8-days you will have 21 speakers – two expert speakers per day who will teach you how to transform your life!

These leaders are from all over the world and they have devoted their lives to mastering how to achieve lasting positive transformation, abundance and empowered lives. 

They are truly inspirational, empowering and transformational speakers that are creative, innovative, entrepreneurs, igniters and teachers … they will blow your mind.

In a nutshell, you will learn ways to reprogram your life. All you have to do is register to join us for this online summit from wherever you are in the world. Don’t wait another minute; the time is now to make your transformation.
And all of these things will lead you to one thing: 
Discovering YOU
Make a radical shift in:
  • ​Business
  • ​Relationships
  • ​Communications
  • ​Negative thought patterns
  • ​Mastering your mind and emotions, instead of letting them rule you
  • ​Breaking unconscious habits and patterns
  • ​New ways of working smarter - NOT harder
  • ​Discovering and using your full potential
  • ​Releasing negative emotions and baggage
  • ​Creating more abundance
  • ​Innovation processes to open up your creative thinking
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